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Miracle In Nice Attack: Baby Lost In Rampage, Stranger Brought Him Back To Loved Ones

Miracle In Nice Attack: Baby Lost In Rampage, Stranger Brought Him Back To Loved Ones

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Miracle In Nice Attack: Baby Lost In Rampage, Stranger Brought Him Back To Loved Ones

In the middle of a terrorist attack what’s worse than losing one’s child amid the chaos? But this woman did not stop in the midst of the Nice Attack to find their beloved baby.

After the Nice attack, the social media world has been flooded with various hashtags, including #JeSuisNice, to show sympathy to those who died in the terrorist attack in the French city of Nice. But one scene that caught the attention of the world was the story of a woman who documented the search for the lost baby in the middle of the Bastille attack.

Tiava Banner, chronicled her search for the missing baby on her personal Facebook account hours after the deadly attack that killed at least 80 individuals. Fortunately, some netizens responded positively and the eight-month old baby was returned safely to the family.

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In her post, she thanked Mrs. Joy Jostle for helping the family in returning the baby to safety. She said right after she posted the call for the missing baby, her inbox was flooded with inquiries and messages. Some were asking for information and checking the status of the baby, while some were asking for interviews.

Earlier that day, Banner posted a picture of a baby boy, whom she said went missing amid the chaos after the Bastille terror attack. In her initial post, many thought she was the mother of the child, which she clarified on her succeeding posts.

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She later said she’s not the mother of the child and updated that the child’s family has been brought to the hospital. She refused to give further comment and asked for respect. On her last update a few hours as of this posting, she then said the baby was finally brought back to safety.

In an article from the BBC, hundreds, if not thousands, of posts of missing person have flooded leading social networking sites hours after the deadly attack. While the entire world mourns the death of the victims, many families are still in search for their loved ones, whom they fear might have been hurt in the Nice attack.

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