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Mini Sega Genesis Review: Tiny Nintendo NES Is Still Better!

Mini Sega Genesis Review: Tiny Nintendo NES Is Still Better!
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Mini Sega Genesis Review: Tiny Nintendo NES Is Still Better!

Nintendo seems to be riding a wave of childhood memories by releasing its homage to the NintendoNES weeks after the release of “Pokemon GO.” But others have caught on to the nostalgia craze; a SEGA licensed system that plays actual Genesis cartridge is now available on Amazon.

It seems everyone losing their minds with the prospect of reliving their childhood days. And a company thought it was a good idea to beat Nintendo to the punch.

Genesis Needed More Polishing

According to The Verge, a company called AtGames built a system that is capable of playing SEGA Genesis cartridge. While it seems promising, its lack of polishing makes it unable to compete with the tiny Nintendo NES.

While it comes bundled with hits such as the Sonic games, the majority of the games are nothing more than cheap clones. And while it can play Genesis cartridge, it’s not compatible with all of them, disappointing news for those who have a cache classic cartridges.

Mini Sega Genesis is ‘Crappy?’

Other let downs of the console include the crappy infrared wireless controllers bundled with the system. It also lacks an HDMI port and only comes with mono audio, a far cry from the amazing music from the original Genesis.

There are multiple versions available on Amazon with varying names as well as prices ranging from $40-80. Their game libraries also vary in sizes with the only consistency between them being the crappy IR controllers.

Mini Sega Genesis Cannot Beat Nintendo NES?

In contrast, Fortune revealed that the Nintendo NES is priced at around $60 and comes preinstalled with 30 games including the first 3 installments of Super Mario Bros. It also comes HDMI port and HDMI cable to allow users to plug-it in to their HDTVs.

And unlike the crappy AtGames’ console’s controllers, the NES classic controllers are top class and can connect to a Wii remote. It can be used on the Wii or Wii U to play classic Nintendo NES games in its virtual console.

It seems that the only reason to buy the mini SEGA Genesis is if you are a diehard SEGA fan or settle old scores during your grade school days.

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