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Minecraft Updates Released For Xbox One, PS4; Wii U Edition Is Coming To Stores

Minecraft Updates Released For Xbox One, PS4; Wii U Edition Is Coming To Stores


Minecraft Updates Released For Xbox One, PS4; Wii U Edition Is Coming To Stores

So, Minecraft updates have been recently released for Xbox One and PS4. And as you know, every update brings along some fun and happening changes to the game; this recent update is no exception. Here is what is new:

Minecraft updates for Xbox One and PS4 has released new Minecraft Story Mode Skin Pack. This pack brings to you 27 player skins. Along with the skins, the updates have also fixed some bugs. This is applicable to both the consoles, Xbox One as well as PS4. According to Clapway, “This update promises to fix the issue when the Ender Dragon would randomly be immune to attacks. Also, it will fix the issue of Slimes not spawning in certain Swamps, as well as improving the sprint control. This is just a few of the bug fixes, and if you want the full list then you can find it on the official forum page of Minecraft.”

Apart from the above mentioned changes, Minecraft updates have added six new Xbox achievements and PS4 trophies. To receive achievements and trophies, players can create as well as power a beacon. According to the same report, you can now also kill the Wither, spawn the Wither, and even bounce “30 blocks upward off a slime back.” On Minecraft’s official Twitter account, the company has via a tweet informed players about Minecraft‘s Wii U Edition coming on discs in stores. Here is the tweet:

This announcement has added to the excitement of fans. Players expressed their joy and happiness about the news by replying to the tweet posted on Minecraft’s Twitter account. Though many players now settle for a digital copy, people still love to have discs. Are you already waiting for Minecraft discs to hit the stores?

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