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Minecraft Snapshot 16W21A: Major Bugs Fixed, Education Edition Beta Out

Minecraft Snapshot 16W21A: Major Bugs Fixed, Education Edition Beta Out
Minecraft Snapshot 16W21A Image credit: Searge / Mojang


Minecraft Snapshot 16W21A: Major Bugs Fixed, Education Edition Beta Out

Mojang has been keeping fans on their toes with surprising Minecraft announcements this whole month. Last week, the video game developers announced the release of Minecraft for China. But, it doesn’t end there.

Today, thanks to CNET, we came across Mojang’s official beta release of Minecraft designed for educational purposes. That’s right. A game for children to experience and improve their creativity and educational skills. Sounds absurd? Before parents start to worry, note that it won’t be their decision to make, as developers have created the game primarily for schools.

We believe this could possibly be the right move by Mojang as fans would agree that the game has been known for improving the creativity of both adults and teenagers. According to Thurrott, the beta version will be available on Wednesday. If you are a die-hard Minecraft fan and would like test it out, @Walkingcat has shared a link for fans to enjoy the beta (tweet below).

Minecraftpolar bear glitches fixed

In other news, Mojang has announced the release of 16W21A on their official website, claiming to have fixed bugs and broken codes reported by gamers after experiencing Snapshot 16W20A. The earlier release added the new polar bears. However, the bugs reported hindered user’s experience.

According to Mojang, the issues that were looked into and rectified are:

  • Bugs fixed
  • More bugs fixed
  • Removed some broken code
  • Solved some reported issues
  • Changed some incorrect things in the game
  • Even more bugs fixed
  • Added …

Mojang’s Searge also wrote that the issue with the game’s sound effects is currently being dealt with by their “sound magicians.” To check out the full list of fixes click here. You can also report Minecraft bugs by clicking here.

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