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Minecraft goes to PS4 and Xbox One

Minecraft goes to PS4 and Xbox One


Minecraft goes to PS4 and Xbox One

Minecraft goes to PS4 and Xbox OneThe popular videogame Minecraft is finally coming to videogaming consoles, Sony Corp’s PS4 and Microsoft Corp’s Xbox One. In a recent blog post, Mojang, the game’s developer, apologized to all loyal Minecraft players for what it described as a long delay. It added that bringing the game into the next-gen consoles has been a ‘serious business.’

However, if you are already excited about this, you still have to wait a little longer. The announcement has been done but the actually sale of Minecraft in PS4 and Xbox One will take effect starting August. There are still two more months to wait for that.

Also, the game would not be offered free of charge in both consoles. Minecraft for PS4 and Xbox One will be accessible for $19.99. The game would also be sold in earlier consoles like PS3 and PS Vita.

Mojang and Minecraft 

Mojang has already released details about the planned release of Minecraft in each console. It has promised bigger worlds as well as greater draw distance compared to former versions of the game. There would also be more and better cross-platform opportunities to make gamers/players rave more.

Furthermore, it would also be easier for importation of saved worlds especial from older or previous games. Mojang said that making worlds bigger can be possible without incurring too much stress.

There is even an added bonus from Minecraft developer for PlayStation and Xbox enthusiasts: most of the DLC skins as well as textures in packs will be acquired/purchased. It can be for recycling.

Supported by others

What about those who have already been bored by the latest and updated Minecraft versions? The game has more surprises in stored. First, the console would provide live streaming on live-action film versions of the movie.

Producers of the game that is going to PS4 and Xbox One include the producers of movies like ‘The Lego Movie.’ As another thank you note, Mojang also places to offer and provide current players with choices to upgrade at less cost without $4.99.

The company reiterated that upgrading to a smaller fee would be greatly appreciated. Aside from Minecraft going to places, it should adjust and survive to the city.

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