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Minecraft Comes to PlayStation 3 on December 17

Minecraft Comes to PlayStation 3 on December 17


Minecraft Comes to PlayStation 3 on December 17

Minecraft Comes to PlayStation 3 on December 17Who says PlayStation 3 (PS3) is getting outdated? Despite the recent successful launch and release of its successor, PlayStation 4 (PS4), the game console is trying to prove that it is still an ideal gaming device to own and to use. The list of game titles that are coming to the console keeps on growing.

Just recently, videogame developer Mojang has announced the release of its popular desktop and mobile game called Minecraft on PS3. The massively in-demand game would be available to PS3 gamers particularly across North America beginning December 17.

The PS3 Edition of Minecraft would come with every feature that is included and that is identified with the game’s versions for PC/Mac, Xbox 360, and iOS/Android. Those are identical to play, making it just logical that the game would now be developed in tandem.

Sony Corp, the maker of PlayStation consoles, has not yet announced the cost of bringing Minecraft to PS3. In comparison, its staunchest rival from Microsoft Corp, Xbox 360, is a version that presently costs $20. But for the PS3 version of Minecraft, the price tag of the game is not yet revealed.

Minecraft as a popular videogame fad

Minecraft is still based on the same premise that made it popular. The game is about breaking apart and then replacing blocks. So far, the title has sold over 30 million copies. Of those, it is estimated that over 13 million are for PC users. The version for Xbox 360 has so far sold about 10 million copies of the game.

So how is it played? Initially, every player would have to construct simple structures that would be necessary as protection against nocturnal monsters. The game’s developer is also encouraging its players to eventually entice friends to also play the title so that wonderful and imaginative things would be generated.

More surprises from Minecraft

What’s more? Console users would also find and download texture packs and skins. It is also possible to download PS-themed content across the PlayStation Network.

Mojang has disclosed that it is already working to develop and release Minecraft versions for PS4 and Xbox One. The company is also working to develop many other versions of the game. It would be also come to PS Vista, which is set to be equally popular. But it is expected that the hassles would be expected to come out with good sales beginning next year.

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