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Minecraft Beta Windows 10 Edition: Microsoft Is Giving Away New Story Mode Skins FREE

Minecraft Beta Windows 10 Edition: Microsoft Is Giving Away New Story Mode Skins FREE


Minecraft Beta Windows 10 Edition: Microsoft Is Giving Away New Story Mode Skins FREE

The Windows 10 Store has some exciting games for PC as well as Xbox owners, free and paid, popular and not-so-popular. In short, Windows 10 has its own dedicated space for every kind of gamer. Some of the free games available right now are Star Wars: Commander, Farmville 2: Country Escape, Asphalt 8: Airborne, Killer Instinct, etc. Minecraft Beta Windows 10 Edition isn’t a free game, but there is an offer that you may not want to miss.

Minecraft Beta Windows 10 Edition is available for $10 on Windows Store. If you buy the game now, you will get new story mode skins absolutely free until April 13th. The game is also available for free trial. Playing this beta version on Windows 10 will help you build the game the way you want to by providing feedback for future updates.

Minecraft Beta Windows 10 Edition also allows in-app purchases. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Halloween – Skin Pack
  2. Redstone Specialists – Skin Pack
  3. Holiday 2015 – Skin Pack
  4. Journey to the West – Skin Pack
  5. Biome Settlers – Skin Pack

Minecraft Beta Windows 10 Edition: Features

Here are some of the important features you should know of before you buy the game:

  1. Receive and send in-game text messages
  2. Play head-to-head or co-operatively
  3. Limitless supplies in creative mode
  4. Special effects available
  5. It’s a cross-platform multiplayer game. You can play on your local network with upto 4 friends
  6. The game features:
    i. Chickens
    ii. Naked sheep
    iii. Zombies
    iv. Boats
    v. Armed skeletons
    vi. Po ta toes
    vii. Enchanted items, etc.
  7. Players can switch between their facored method of input – mouse, controller, touch and keyboard which can be activated and used instantly.

With Minecraft Beta Windows 10 Edition, you get the permission to:

a. Access work or home networks

b. Access internet connection and act as a server

For more information and to download the game, visit Windows 10 Store > Games.

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