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Milwaukee Bus Driver Helps Lost Five-Year-Old Find Her Way Home

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Milwaukee Bus Driver Helps Lost Five-Year-Old Find Her Way Home

One bus driver in Milwaukee saw a lost girl wandering by herself and knew she had to help.

Milwaukee County Transit System bus operator Tiffani Lee was more than concerned when she saw a little girl walking along the road one morning. Something did not look right. The five-year-old was all by herself and she was wearing mismatched shoes. In fact, one foot had a tennis shoe while the other had a flip flop.

Bus driver knew something was wrong right away.

When it comes to dressing up children, Lee just knew no parent would do that. “I’m a parent, so I knew no parent would let their child be outside in that kind of weather with a flip-flop and a tennis shoe, no way,” she told WISN-TV. That’s why Lee decided that she had to help the little girl out.

She immediately stopped the bus and opened the door. Then, she called out to the girl. “Where are you going?” she asked the little girl. Lee asked her to come on board so she could also warm up. As the little girl rested comfortably, Lee proceeded to call for help.

It wasn’t long before a West Allis police officer responded to the scene. He knelt in front of the little girl and asked if she knew her address. According to her, she actually lives nearby but couldn’t remember her house number. That’s why the officer decided to gently take her by the hand and help her find their way home. Soon, the little girl found herself reunited with her family.

Little wandered out of her house on her own.

“That tore me up that week so bad,” the girl’s aunt, Cheryl Wentland, remarked. It turns out the little girl had somehow managed to unlock their house’s front door and walk out of their home while her siblings and mother were still asleep. Wentland believes her niece had been waiting for her when she got lost. “I promised to get her some shoes that weekend, and I think she had it on her mind, and she always says ‘Wait for you by the bus stop,'” Wentland explained.

Meanwhile, the little girl’s family is forever grateful to both the officer and Lee. “Thank you (to) that bus driver. Thank you so much. I got my baby back,” Wentland said.

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