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Miley Cyrus Quitting ‘The Voice’: Adam Levine And Alicia Keys Got What They Wanted, Report

Miley Cyrus Quitting ‘The Voice’: Adam Levine And Alicia Keys Got What They Wanted, Report
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Miley Cyrus Quitting ‘The Voice’: Adam Levine And Alicia Keys Got What They Wanted, Report

Is Miley Cyrus quitting “The Voice” because Adam Levine and Alicia Keys have ganged up to bully her out of the reality show?

The new season of “The Voice” has barely taken off and rumors of a feud between the judges are already swirling in the air. It’s the eccentric new judge, Miley Cyrus against more experienced Adam Levine this time and things are only getting from bad to worse.

Reports started coming in a month ago that Adam Levine was fed up with Miley acting like a diva on the set and interrupting him every time he tried to comment on a contestant’s performance.

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‘The Voice’ Season 11

Radar Online pointed out that “he (Adam) does not talk to her when the cameras are not rolling, and seems like he really wants nothing to do with her.”

Lucky for Adam, he found another Miley hater in the second new judge, Alicia Keys, whose personality is exactly the opposite of the outspoken Miley Cyrus.

It was also revealed that if things got really out of hand, Adam might consider forging a friendship with Alicia Keys just to get back at wild Miley.

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Miley Cyrus Adam Levine Feud

And just as predicted, things do seem to be going out of hand. So much so that Miley has started to feel like a victim and is planning to quit “The Voice” as soon as possible!

“Miley’s dying to get out of there,” a source told In Touch Magazine, reports The Hollywood Gossip. “Things are so bad. She’s had enough.”

Surely it can’t be due to the stress of working on a television show because we all know that she has done quite a few seasons of the hit series “Hannah Montana”, something that made her an overnight teen pop star.

Does that mean that Adam Levine has finally implemented his plan of ganging up with Alicia Keys and bullying Miley Cyrus on the show?

However, the rumor is not without flaws. Some reports say that Adam is ganging up with Blake Sheldon to put Miley Cyrus in her place. Such discrepancies have led the gossip busting website, Gossip Cop, to infer that the rumor is not true.

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