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Miley Cyrus Promises Help To Brussels Attack Victims

Miley Cyrus Promises Help To Brussels Attack Victims
Miley Cyrus Mike Schmid/Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA

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Miley Cyrus Promises Help To Brussels Attack Victims

On Tuesday, American singer and actress Miley Cyrus expressed her emotions over the recent deadly terror attacks in Belgium. Instead of just tweeting her sorrow, she also promised to extend her help to those affected.

In the aftermath of the most recent terror attacks in Brussels, the “Wrecking Ball” hitmaker went to her Instagram account to vent out her frustration on the current state of the world.

“My heart breaks for the world today…. When will this end, and the love begins….. This isn’t the planet I wanna live on… NOTHING in the world matters but giving love to others! It’s what we need more than anything else! MORE LOVE LESS EVIL!!!” she wrote.

The singer did not stop there. She promised to help the victims as well. WJLA reported that Cyrus sent a message to her fans saying she is collaborating with members of her Happy Hippie Foundation to help the victims of the Brussels attack.

Apart from Cyrus, many celebrities like Courteney Cox, Iggy Azalea, and Gigi Hadid took to social media to send prayers to those marred by terror. United States president Barack Obama as well as 2016 presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump also expressed their sympathy to the victims of the attack.

Reportedly, the aggressive action on Tuesday morning against Belgium killed over 30 people and more than 100 were left injured at Brussels Airport and Maelbeek metro station.

A little bright spot on the news is that perpetrators have already been identified. The necessary actions are being carried out to catch these terrorists. According to CNN, a senior Belgian security source claimed that the suicide bombers at Brussels Airport have been identified — brothers Khalid and Brahim El Bakraoui. The source said the brothers are suspected of having links to the Paris attacks. Authorities are also sweeping Belgium for the third suspect.

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