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Miley Cyrus Pregnant? Liam Hemsworth Says Soon!

Miley Cyrus Pregnant? Liam Hemsworth Says Soon!
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Miley Cyrus Pregnant? Liam Hemsworth Says Soon!

Miley Cyrus pregnant? These rumors will not end! But Liam Hemsworth is setting the record straight, once and for all.

According to Liam Hemsworth, fans should stop speculating if Miley Cyrus is pregnant. The star said that he is very open to the idea, but not now. If Hemsworth can say confidently that he is open to the idea of having children in the future, then it must be because Miley Cyrus is not pregnant, yet.

If Miley Cyrus is pregnant, Hemsworth would certainly not utter those words and he’ll he a happy, proud dad that he is surely going to be when the time comes.

“I’m sure one day I will go down that road and it will feel right, yes,” he told NW (via Mail Online) magazine. “For now, I still feel very young and there’s a lot of things to do without kids weighing in on situations. I’ll leave that until later on in life,” he added.

What the “Independence Day: Resurgence” actor wants to happen now though is for people to stop writing about him and  Miley. “I don’t go out of my way to attract that kind of attention, or feel I owe anyone a show and tell, “ he told Sunday Style magazine.

Not that he is affected by all of the write-ups, especially those that keep saying Miley Cyrus is pregnant and they’re set to tie the knot soon because of the baby.

“You can be consumed by “Oh, someone wrote something about me”, but you have to remember it’s 10 seconds out of someone’s day, if that. That makes it easier,’ he said. ‘I don’t buy into it any more, and live my life happily. It’s way less complicated.,” he added.

He and Miley Cyrus relationship has been very public right from the start. They got engaged and broke off that engagement in 2013, and now they are back in each other’s arms. He recently told GQ Australia that it was a painful experience that “needed to happen” because they were still growing up.

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