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Miley Cyrus Pregnant: Liam Hemsworth Reportedly Furious

Miley Cyrus Pregnant: Liam Hemsworth Reportedly Furious
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Miley Cyrus Pregnant: Liam Hemsworth Reportedly Furious

Miley Cyrus is still rocking the barely-clad look even after reportedly becoming pregnant! Is Liam Hemsworth furious with his allegedly expecting fiancé?

If Liam Hemsworth expected Miley Cyrus to grow up once she had a bun cooking in the oven, he will be mighty disappointed. The “Wrecking Ball” singer is the same old eccentric Miley Cyrus who had hosted last year’s MTV Music Awards wearing nothing but pasties and suspenders.

This image of the rebellious Miley would not have mattered if she was not due to get married into the Hemsworth family. Unfortunately, she is not only soon to be wed to Liam Hemsworth, but also reportedly carrying his baby!

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Miley Cyrus Pregnant

The news of Liam wanting a rushed wedding started early this year and Hollywood Life revealed the reason why: “Miley [Cyrus has] been telling friends that she’s pregnant and as soon as Liam [Hemsworth] heard the big news, he insisted they make it legal.”

However, with Miley’s ever-changing mind, Liam is finding it difficult to keep up with her demands, which is causing his foul mood. First, it was a beach wedding; then Miley did not want a beach wedding and the wedding plans were stalled.

Next, it was turn for the honeymoon plans to be shifted since “They had the entire trip (to Bora Bora) planned, but Miley just decided she didn’t want to go there anymore,” reported Daily Mail.

Liam has been spotted hanging out with his buddies, playing a game or two of tennis, in attempts to blow off steam.

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Miley Cyrus Fashion

But Miley knows more than a few ways of infuriating her guy. The couple was seen out for a meal at Nobu on Monday. While Liam chose to wear a simple white tee with khaki-colored shorts, Miley went for a more eye-grabbing look.

She wore a blue-dyed skin-hugging off-shoulder top with a pair of too-short and shredded denim shorts, reports Daily Mail. Her only saving grace was an over-sized denim jacket that she half-draped over her body.

Liam Hemsworth couldn’t have been happy about this!

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