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Mike Pence Quotes: Gay Men Unfit For Military Service Because Of Their Sexual Practices

Mike Pence Quotes: Gay Men Unfit For Military Service Because Of Their Sexual Practices
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Mike Pence Quotes: Gay Men Unfit For Military Service Because Of Their Sexual Practices

As the November elections draw closer and closer, Republican vice-presidential bet Mike Pence might have earned the ire of the LGBTQ community. This comes after the Indiana Governor allegedly said that gay men are unfit for military service.

The claim comes after an image depicting Gov. Pence made rounds on social media. Along with his picture is text suggesting that he once said homosexuals are not “able bodied” and “carry extremely high rates of disease.”

According to Snopes, the statement comes from a 1993 journal article about homosexual men in the military. At the time, Mike Pence was in charge of the Indiana Policy Review Foundation (IPRF), the organization that published the journal.

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However, it was later revealed that Gov. Pence did not write the article himself. The author of the piece was IPRF’s senior fellows, Col. Ronald Ray and was published on August 1993 under the title “Military Necessity and Homosexuality”

Mike Pence Is Anti-LGBTQ?

The allegations against gay men appeared on the journal’s tenth page saying that gay men are not sufficiently “able bodied” for military service. Furthermore, the Ray went on to argue that there was “no sound military reason” for LGBTQ Americans to be allowed into the U.S. armed forces.

While the journal’s masthead listed Pence as the IPRF’s president, it does not indicate whether he had any editorial capacity for publishing the content. Serving as president since 1991, the Indiana governor left the IPRF the same year the article was published.

However, his departure did not stop him from writing an op-ed piece published in the journal in 1996. In it he complained about the GOP pandering too much to LGBTQ interest during that year’s convention.

Do you believe Gov. Mike Pence is against homosexual men serving in the military? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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