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Miitomo Shuts Down Critics With 1 Million Users

Miitomo Shuts Down Critics With 1 Million Users
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Miitomo Shuts Down Critics With 1 Million Users

Every “first” is critical – first game, first school, first release, first app, etc. It could be the beginning of a good year or a bad year, a success or a failure. For Nintendo, it looks like it would be a success, and this year might prove to be its year after all. Its first smartphone game “Miitomo,” attracted and gained users proving critics wrong.

Miitomo is the latest game from the once undisputed video game manufacturer, Nintendo. It is released as a smartphone game, the first from the said Japanese company made for mobile phones. Last October, the public was treated to an announcement that Nintendo is finally joining the smartphone gaming industry.

During the said announcement, Miitomo was revealed to be the first entry of the company to the said market, reports TechSpot. But even if some say it was about time they do so, the announcement, which is an attempt of the company to boost its reputation, wasn’t received well. Some fans of the company were left unhappy and the company saw shares fall by almost 9%. Even its co-developer for its first smartphone game, DeNa, saw its shares fall by 15%.

However, luck is siding with the Gaming company as its first smartphone game was well received after launching last March 17, Thursday in Japan. Already, Engadget reports that the game has been downloaded by up to 1 million users on iOS and Android devices. Even if it was technically the company’s territory, the recorded number is still high, considering it was just in one location. Imagine if it was also as well-received in places other than Japan?

The social app smartphone game is said to be inspired by the “Tomodachi Life / Tomodachi Collection” games for Nintendo DS and 3DS. Nintendo plans to launch it in 28 regions, which include Canada, the U.S. and the UK. Although its international launch date has not been announced yet, it was reported that it could be later this month.

It was just revealed that because of the release of Miitomo, the Japanese tech company’s shares jumped 8.2 percent and closed at 16, 515 JPY in Tokyo this Tuesday, March 22. According to Bloomberg, this was the biggest increase yet since Feb. 15. Its recently released app climbed to No. 1 in Japan’s free app ranking on Apple’s iOS devices, market researcher App Annie says.

It has not been a secret that Nintendo has been trying to bring back players who left its Wii and handheld DS devices. It has promised to bring bacl hits like Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong to smartphone users, which have boosted its share price by 33% last year. And with the result of their latest release, it is bound to have increased shares, especially since there are already two promised games on the way. This could do the company good as it has already lost almost about 80% stock value since the iPhone came into existence in 2007.

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