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Mighty Audio: The Music Streamer That Doesn’t Need Your Phone

Mighty Audio: The Music Streamer That Doesn’t Need Your Phone
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Mighty Audio: The Music Streamer That Doesn’t Need Your Phone

Nowadays it could be a bit overwhelming to know that almost everything relies on a smartphone. However there are times when one realizes that it could be annoying to do something that needs a smartphone to work out. Such is the case of an individual who just wanted to listen to streaming music without having to rely on his smartphone. So shocked and full of desire for such gadget, he thought of making one and that is how Might Audio came to be.

The Mighty Audio streamer, according to Digital Trends, looks a lot like iPod Shuffle fused with Spotify. It aims to solve consumer’s need for streaming music “smartphone-less.” Its main highlight is its ability to connect to Spotify. One still needs an Android or iOS device to connect to the Spotify app for the first time using an account, from there, the user can manage the music playlists and what not.

However once the user finishes those steps, they can already leave their devices behind and stream music wherever they want. The streamer is considered an offline device that can store up to 3,333 songs. To be clear, the device is not a partner of Spotify but it can let listeners jump between Spotify playlists.

The Verge reports that a controller app installed in the user’s phone syncs playlists over to the device and handles the authentication needed with Spotify. This lets the listener take and keep songs offline for about 30 days at a time. Listening on the device is also playlist based.

Currently, the device is on a Kickstarter campaign. On the said site, the device is described as lightweight, durable and small enough to carry and clip on any piece of the user’s clothing. This makes it perfect for active users who usually like to go on a run, biking or hiking and whatever activity that calls for an accompanying music.

The streaming device also comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and can play 48 hours of music without any internet connection.  Plus it comes with a 4GB flash hard drive and will be compatible to iPhones and Android phones.

Originally, you can get the Might Audio device for $70 USD or more super early bird special however that was closed now as it got all the 104 backers listed for that option, so is the $75 USD or more option that has 500 backers.

The options left, if one would like to purchase a Mighty streamer, are the $79 USD or more early bird special; $100 USD or more Mighty + shirt combo option; $150 USD Buddy pack with two units; $365 USD or more Mighty Family with five units and $1,400 USD Might for Work pack with 20 units.

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