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Microsoft’s Word Flow Keyboard App: Easy One-Handed Typing Now Possible

Microsoft’s Word Flow Keyboard App: Easy One-Handed Typing Now Possible
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Microsoft’s Word Flow Keyboard App: Easy One-Handed Typing Now Possible

If you were afraid to get barbeque sauce all over your mobile screen while trying to reply to a text while eating steak, the new Microsoft Word Flow keyword app is here to take away that problem. This word-predicting app lets you multitask by enabling you to easily type on your mobile without having to engage both hands.

This app was developed by Garage, the in-house experimental projects department of Microsoft, and is all set to rival the fame of Apple’s iOS. The virtual keyboard in question is in an arc shape, enabling a greater flexibility and easy navigation for the thumb. It also allows one to customize the background of the curved keyboard with a picture of one’s choice. Some of the major features of the app include extensive word dictionary, automated word predictions, word suggestion recording, contact integration, swiping or tapping etc.

Word Flow is now available on iOS free of charge. However, it is only available for mobile users in the U.S. and no plans have yet been announced to expand its availability to the other parts of the world. Engadget reportedly states that Microsoft had been working on this app for a while now and hopes to sway the market of mobile applications away from its competitors by releasing Word Flow on Android in the near future.

According to TechCrunch, the application has also been made available for Windows 10, which means that desktop users can also reap the benefits of Word Flow.

The question of how such a keyboard app would fare in multiple platforms, in the long run, remains to be seen. If it follows the path that messaging apps like WhatsApp (which crossed its 1 billion users mark this year) have managed to tread on, then the future for Word Flow is undoubtedly a bright one.

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