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Microsoft Xbox Defeats Sony PlayStation 4 By Coming To Windows 10 PCs

Microsoft Xbox Defeats Sony PlayStation 4 By Coming To Windows 10 PCs
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Microsoft Xbox Defeats Sony PlayStation 4 By Coming To Windows 10 PCs

Microsoft takes a leap in Xbox video game console by merging the gaming platform with Windows PCs. In a bid to march ahead of the leading Sony PlayStation 4, the Redmond-based tech giant couldn’t bargain for a better timing to launch the gaming console across computers when the Windows 10 operating system is taking over the IT market.

The convergence of Xbox and Windows implies that several features of the gaming console such as the best games and Xbox Live social network are coming to the Windows 10 PC. This initiative by Microsoft is perceived as a huge change in business strategies to target billions of active users of the game to switch to other gaming platforms like computers, other than consoles.

Spencer and Xbox platform chief Mike Yabarra, however, warns that Xbox One’s interface are tailor-made for gaming purposes and not for productivity. He pointed out that Xbox One will allow a few PC-like features like accessing your Gmail account with the use of mouse and keyboard, but that doesn’t mean it could run browsers like Microsoft Outlook and Google Chrome, which are aimed towards generating business output, reports Business Insider.

However, Microsoft’s plan to bring Xbox Live gaming console across any device that’s compatible with the Universal Windows Platform means there will be more options for gaming hardware. According to Spencer, “In other [consumer technology] ecosystems you get more continuous innovation in hardware that you rarely see in consoles because consoles lock the hardware and software platforms together at the beginning and they ride the generation out for seven years or so, we’re trying to decouple our software platform from the hardware platform on which it runs.”

Spencer also announced that Microsoft is looking forward to exploring more hardware innovations in the future. With new hardware, the games will become PC-compatible with backwards compatible hardware upgrades to it. After all, the tech giant strives to bring the best platform for gaming fans so that they are not restricted to just one gaming area, reports The Guardian.

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