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Microsoft Windows 8.1 is available

Microsoft Windows 8.1 is available


Microsoft Windows 8.1 is available

Microsoft Corp’s Windows 8.1Microsoft Corp’s Windows 8.1 is finally available in the market. Products that are pre-loaded with the update are now being sold as well as the boxed software editions that are distributed through retail partners. It is expected that the software would be more popular than the system preceding it.

Windows 8.1 is available for free as an update download for Windows 8. Users of the OS could install the program online and through the newly redesigned locations of the company’s Windows Store. The software giant has also disclosed that anyone using its older OS from Windows XP to Windows 7 could also possibly download the update.

As expected, some users have been complaining about how hard it could be to find and obtain the software upgrade. The boxed software editions are available through retail partners, while some new Microsoft products are already preloaded with it. Windows 8 users could update their OS through downloading Windows 8.1 for free at the recently redesigned Windows Store.

Having problems while uploading

Any user who could not find Windows 8.1 software update in Windows Store should first run the Windows Update and obtain ‘KB 2871839’ update. This could possibly facilitate misuse. If the update is still not found, a user should check if the edition of his Windows 8 supports free update from Windows Store.

It is also important to check one’s PC and system to make sure all is set for uninterrupted downloading process. Windows 8.1 could weigh about 2.5 gigabytes to 4.5 gigabytes. As several Twitter users have already attested, the actual installation process for Windows 8.1 update should wait for a few hours.

Users of other OS

Those who currently use Windows 8 Enterprise for businesses may have specific problems. That is because Windows 8.1 could be up for self-upgrading. Users should first coordinate with their company’s IT department to make sure the code for downloading could finally be obtained.

Surface tablet users may be free from any PC problem. But they may also need to install Windows 8.1 on their own. The initial version for the new OS could be easily available and downloadable to them. There are even ways to update to Windows 8.1 for users of old Microsoft OS like Windows XP down to Windows 7. Updating and installing the new OS should not be a hassle in any way.

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