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Microsoft Will Replace 3D Touch With Pre-Touch Sensitive Displays?

Microsoft Will Replace 3D Touch With Pre-Touch Sensitive Displays?
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Microsoft Will Replace 3D Touch With Pre-Touch Sensitive Displays?

Apple’s 3D Touch force is the current sensation and is hugely popular with iPhone fans. To survive the competition, rival Microsoft is experimenting with Pre-Touch technology that eliminates the need of touch. The Redmond tech giant is trying to build a pre-touch sensing technology that functions like Samsung’s Air command functionality.

The new technology under construction finds a new way of helping users interact with their phones without touching its screen but by hovering your fingers over it. It is the same technology used by Samsung with its Air Command functionality as integrated in stylus-equipped Note devices. Holding the S-Pen stylus above the display will help fetch desired results on the screen.

Unlike the stylus S-pen technology, Microsoft is working a way out to achieve similar results with fingers. The technology uses grip-detection and above-screen features to fetch desired results. An ideal example would be a video player app that helps to detect your fingers when they are approaching the screen. This will automatically turn the screen on and activate its control buttons.

The technology is intelligently developed to ensure useful usability improvements. It uses embedded algorithms that allow detecting users holding the device in one hand. The software is built in a way to manifest specified modified controls that enable easier thumb access.

Likewise, the controls will automatically change when the user approaches with a second hand, trying to accommodate the other fingers. Without touching the smartphone screen, users can hover their fingers over the digits to generate highlighted results, reports Phone Arena.

When 3D Touch was introduced by apple, it was described as the next generation of multi touch. The underlying technology helps to sense the pressure applied on the display. There are several multi-touch gestures like pinch, tap, swipe, peek and pop. With the 3D Touch technology, an iPhone is able to respond to subtle touches, explains Apple.

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