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Microsoft Updates ‘Skype For iOS’

Microsoft Updates ‘Skype For iOS’
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Microsoft Updates ‘Skype For iOS’

Updated Skype for iOS has made multitasking easier. The app now lets you make calls from instant messages. Read on for more new features.

After updating Skype for Android, Microsoft has updated Skype for iOS. The updates were released on Monday for iPhones as well as iPads. Read on to know what to expect from the updated app.

Considering our hectic lifestyles today, we tend to multitask. In our daily lives, we are used to doing too many things at once, and now, we expect the same from the tech we use. Understanding our needs, Apple has already introduced split view to its devices. And now, Skype has improved multitasking. This update lets you make calls, set up calendar events and check locations from instant messages. Skype will now highlight addresses, phone numbers, dates and time. All you need to do is tap on the highlighted text to perform your desired action.

The updated Skype for iOS has introduced “active call” on the app, which makes it easy for users to go back to an active video or audio call. Now, you need not worry about forgetting to read messages, as Skype will highlight unread messages for you. Announcing the update on the official blog for Skype, the team wrote, “When we’re on our phones and tablets we’re often doing several things at once, from researching a holiday, planning nights out, sending emails or messaging friends – we switch in and out of the apps that help us get things done. Today we’re pleased to launch Skype 6.6 for iPhone and iPad, a new version that helps make multi-tasking with Skype a little bit easier.”

There are neither drastic changes nor a long list of features that come with the updated Skype for iOS, but these changes are definitely going to make online calling and messaging easier for you.

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