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Microsoft Unveils Skype TX for Professional Broadcasters

Microsoft Unveils Skype TX for Professional Broadcasters


Microsoft Unveils Skype TX for Professional Broadcasters

Microsoft has officially announced Skype TX, a new version of their popular VoIP service specifically designed for professional broadcasters. The Skype TX system, which is a combination of hardware and software, was specifically created for use in studio environments.

The system allows any Skype video call from anywhere in the world to be easily and seamlessly integrated into any broadcast or production. Skype TX hardware caters to industry standards by being capable of call output in full frame HD-SDI formats with embedded or balanced audio. It is also capable of sending back HD-SDI video with balanced audio to the caller.

Skype TX also automatically manages aspect ratio mismatches but also gives full control over screen aspect ratios via the Skype TX software. And with Skype TX, both video and audio calls will be free from interruptions by removing all notifications, signals, adverts, or pop-ups that would normally occur during normal Skype calls.

Microsoft also plans to have Skype TX experts available “on hand” to provide advice and assistance to broadcasters using Skype TX which the company already claims is easy to set up.

Microsoft has already started showing off where Skype TX has already been used around the industry. Skype TX has been used by the Ellen Show, the Jimmy Kimmel Show, The X Factor, and in a few movies including Promised Land and Five Year Engagement. The new system has also been used by BBC News, the Duchess of Cornwall, and Oprah with the Just Say Hello campaign with Skype.

Microsoft also aims to bring performers, artists, movie stars, and their fans closer together with Skype TX. They’ve already used the new product to hold a virtual international choir performance via Skype; bring fans closer to the X Games with Olympic gold medal winner Sage Kotsenburg answering fan video messages live from the snow; Will and Jaden Smith answering fan questions live during an interview, and bring a children’s hospital to the red carpet premier of Thor: The Dark World and gave them a chance to speak and interact with the movie’s stars. Skype is also helping artists collaborate better with Skype TX and their Moment Makers and Skype Collaboration Project initiatives.

Microsoft did not officially announce when Skype TX would become openly available to broadcasters but interested consumers can already submit their interest at the Skype TX website.

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