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Microsoft Unveils Its Xbox One Media Remote Control

Microsoft Unveils Its Xbox One Media Remote Control


Microsoft Unveils Its Xbox One Media Remote Control

There is good news to many consumers who tend to get confused with so many remote controls in their homes. Microsoft Corp has unveiled its Xbox One Media Remote. It is a handy device that enables users to control the video playback feature of Blu-Ray movies as well as the streaming video found on the Xbox One.

The small device even comes with the OneGuide button. It provides single-touch access to some of the users’ favorite TV shows as well as movies using the Xbox program guide. The giant technology firm obviously wants to simplify the clicker situation typical in many households today.

Other features

Aside from the features already stated, the Media Remote has the ability to control TV power as well as volume though the use of Kinect. It uses IR blasting to send live signals to the TV or receiver. Thus, the new device can help consumers watch, listen, and switch among various experiences instantly.

The Media Remote is unlike the clunky old remote controls that were typical in the yesteryears. Microsoft highlighted its familiar design that is accentuated by soft and silicone finish, which comfortably fits in the palm of users’ hand. Thus, when the remote control is picked up, there are motion-activated backlit buttons that illuminate. This is why this remote control is ideal to be used in dark rooms.

Microsoft unveiled the new product today. But it announced that the new Media Remote would not be available to the market until the first week of March, which would be more than a week away from now. Each device would be sold in the market for just about $24.99. The company is yet to announce where it could be found and purchased.

Microsoft’s Xbox One

The introduction of this new product came a month after the company celebrated the 3 million sales globally of its Xbox One videogaming console. The popular gaming device was launched in November. It was meant to be a revolutionary product with the inclusion of Kinect features in it.

However, Xbox One has failed to beat rival Sony Corp’s PlayStation 4 in terms of overall sales. Just last month, Sony announced the huge volume of PS4 units sold since its launch. The figure obviously came bigger than the total sales of Xbox One in the same period. Many observers thought that Microsoft’s celebration tried to downplay the fact that PS4 came more superior than the costlier Xbox One in terms of sales.

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