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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4: What’s New In Upcoming Tablet?

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4: What’s New In Upcoming Tablet?
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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4: What’s New In Upcoming Tablet?

Released last year, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 was not impressive enough as expected. It had a number of bugs and it’s apparent that fixes and some improvements were imperative. The predecessor launched in October 2015, and now the next in line, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5, is expected in the latter part of this year with newer upgrades. Rumored specs and features about the new tablet are spreading online. Let’s find them out and their respective difference to the Surface Pro 4 specs.

The Surface Pro 5 is expected to come with a Surface Pen, the batteries of which can charge automatically by placing it on a dock connected to the tablet. The beauty of the stylus lies in its ferromagnetic material that serves as the charging terminal to boost the battery power. The Surface Pro 4 stylus pen may be battery-operated, but it cannot be recharged. Hence, by including a rechargeable stylus battery, Microsoft hopes to enhance portability and functionality of the upcoming device.

The previous Surface Pro 4’s stylus pen was big and was difficult to carry. No need to worry this time, since the new stylus pen sticks to the Surface Pro 5 due to its magnetic power, reports Gospel Herald.

New reports by The Cubic Lane hinted at some interesting predictions. With newer developments and progress in technology, the upcoming Surface Pro 5 is expected to weigh lighter than its predecessor, which weighed 1.76 lbs. Now, carry your tablet anywhere without feeling its weight and keeping your productivity to the mark.

Unlike the current version, the Surface Pro 5 will come with a fingerprint scanner installed on it. Users find it difficult to access the fingerprint scanner in the Surface Pro 4 which is embedded in the keyboard that users don’t always carry with their tablets.

Forbes reported earlier that Microsoft’s Surface range raked 1.6 million in the fourth quarter of last year, according to estimates of IDC. Although, the figure is still lagging behind Apple’s iPad Pro 2 million sales, it’s much closer to success than what was imagined.

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