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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 vs MacBook Pro 2016: What To Buy, See Specs And Features Here

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 vs MacBook Pro 2016: What To Buy, See Specs And Features Here
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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 vs MacBook Pro 2016: What To Buy, See Specs And Features Here

Microsoft and Apple will go head to head in the portable computer market later this year. Numerous sources claim that Q4 2016 will see the release of the Surface Pro 5 and MacBook Pro 2016.

The devices have already been touted as the latest in computer hardware and software technology. However, each model has its own unique set of features that will have consumers preferring one over the other. Here are some of their rumored tech specs to help you decide which one to save up on.

According to NeuroGadget, the two new laptops will perform much better than their respective predecessors. The Surface Pro 5 is said to be equipped with the Intel Kaby Lake processor, Intel’s seventh-generation CPU while the MacBook Pro 2016 will come with an upgraded Intel Skylake microarchitecture.

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A Closer Look Surface Pro 5 and MacBook Pro 2016

In terms of screen real estate, the Surface Pro 5 sports a 13.3-inch display with 4K resolution. The MacBook Pro 2016 will reportedly come in two variants: 13-inches and 15-inches. It’s still unclear if Apple’s new laptop will support 4K video. In all likelihood, it would probably will.

The Surface Pro 5 has a USB Type-C port which provides faster data transfers from computer to smartphone and vice versa. The new Surface Pen will use a built-in rechargeable battery instead of a user-replaceable one.

As for the MacBook Pro 2016, Mac World speculated that the laptop might do away with the 3.5mm headphone jack. Apple recently announced that the new iPhone 7 devices would lose the feature in favor of wireless AirPods. It makes sense for Apple to continue the trend with the rest of its upcoming releases.

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9to5Mac reported last month that the MacBook Pro 2016 will include Touch ID support. The security sensor will be incorporated within the power button so that owners can conveniently unlock the device.

Microsoft and Apple have yet to reveal the pricing for their new laptops. Rumor has it, the Surface Pro 5 will retail for around $899. It’s Intel Core i7 variant will reportedly set consumers back $1,799. Meanwhile, the MacBook Pro 2016 will start at around $1,100 for the 13-inch version while the 15-inch with Retina display version is projected to cost around $2,200.

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