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Like Windows 10 Mobile, Will Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Remain Just A Headline?

Like Windows 10 Mobile, Will Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Remain Just A Headline?
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Like Windows 10 Mobile, Will Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Remain Just A Headline?

Who doesn’t know about Microsoft’s infamous delays? Ask Lumia owners who have been waiting since last year for Windows 10 to roll out for their devices. After waiting for months, the operating system did release, but not on all promised compatible devices. It looks like Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is set to join the Windows 10 mobile league.

Earlier, the rumors were that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be announced in October. But now, reports suggest that the youngest of the Surface siblings will not see daylight until 2017. Luckily, the news is not coming from Microsoft. But that is even scarier, isn’t it? It means the company may postpone the release even further as the team has not committed to anything yet.

The reason for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 delay is said to be Surface Phone. According to BitBag, “At present, Microsoft is concentrating on Surface Phone. We can expect Surface Pro 5 only after the entry of Surface Phone. Windows 10 Redstone 2, the new operating system is also not ready. So, it is directly affecting the launch date of Surface Pro 5.”

If we believe another report from News Every Day, “According to the new patent, Surface Pro 5 will feature rechargeable stylus pen, with an addition of a charging dock.”

As Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is said to be working on bringing the enhanced operating system, rechargeable pen and charging dock, we should give the company time to deliver what they are aiming at.

But like Windows 10 mobile release, it shouldn’t happen that after the release we realize there was much ado about nothing. All we can do now is wait for the official announcement, or at least, till the Surface Phone is released. Maybe then we will get a clear idea about what exactly happening at the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 front.

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