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Microsoft Surface Pro 5: 5 Things To Look For

Microsoft Surface Pro 5: 5 Things To Look For
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Microsoft Surface Pro 5: 5 Things To Look For

After the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 met consumers’ satisfaction, the rumor mill is rife with speculations that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will have improvised features and better updates. Reports claim that the upcoming tablet will officially be released in October this year and will include a host of stunning features with regards to looks and functions. In this article, we’ve summarized the highlighting features to look for in the Surface Pro 5.

  • The expectation was huge when Microsoft released the Surface Pro 4. But it failed to live up, owing to a host of issues with regard to its functionalities and charging capability. This time, the Redmond-based company doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned and so it has included a rechargeable stylus battery along with a charging dock for the device.
  • One particular feature that will draw your attention is a gigantic battery unit included in the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. You must know that the Pro 4 had a pretty powerful battery that lasts for seven hours, which was quite good. The inclusion of a more powerful battery in the Pro 5 is a great addition indeed.
  • Unlike the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 where you had to use the keyboard to have access to the fingerprint scanner for unlocking the device, the Pro 5 will have the fingerprint scanner placed on the body of the device.
  • The upcoming device is said to come with a more precision-oriented and better design than the Surface Pro 4. Meanwhile, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 disappointed its fans with its bulky and huge design. This will be mended in the Surface Pro 5, which is expected to be much slimmer and lighter than its predecessor, reports Yibada.
  • The device is expected to come loaded with Windows 10.1 Pro operating system. It will run on sixth generation Skylake processor or it may also come with seventh generation Cannonlake Processor, notes Ecumenicalnews.

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