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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Receives Award for Best Mobile Tablet Today

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Receives Award for Best Mobile Tablet Today


Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Receives Award for Best Mobile Tablet Today

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book are the most loved gadgets today. Microsoft Surface tablets launched earlier could not do well, but with the launch of a Windows 10 convertible, the scenario completely changed. Due to the price tag, not many could afford the tablet even after wanting to buy it; whereas others wondered if it is right to invest a big amount into a Surface product.

If there have been doubts in our mind about the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet, then there won’t be any, anymore. Why? The Mobile World Congress, every year, gives away “Global Mobile Awards.” This year, this reputed award has been given to Microsoft Surface Pro 4, confirming that it is the best mobile tablet today. GSMA also tweeted about it.

Global Mobile Awards
After the news of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 winning the Best Mobile Tablet Award spread like wildfire, people who are new to the Tech Industry wondered what Global Mobile Awards are. The GSM association, organizers of the Mobile World Congress runs this award function where smartphones, tablets and other mobile technologies are awarded for outstanding work in their domain. It is one of the highly prestigious awards in the mobile industry.

Categories and nominees
Best Mobile Innovation for ‘The Internet of Things’

  1. Jasper Control Center
  2. Argela Cloud-based Video Surveillance and Analytics Technology
  3. SIGFOX, a global IoT communication service provider
  4. Diabetacare™ dCare Smart™ – Powered by Vodafone M2M
  5. Veniam and The Internet of Moving Things

Best Mobile Service or App for Enterprise

  1. Branch Metrics for Branch Contextual Deep Links
  2. Applause for Applause Testing Services
  3. LogMeIn for Rescue Lens
  4. KPN and Accenture for Connected Workers
  5. PGi for iMeet Agenday

Best Mobile Music App

  1. Guvera for Guvera
  2. TouchTunes Interactive Networks with AT&T for TouchTunes
  3. MOBGEN, Adrian Belew Presents & elephantcandy for FLUX:FX
  4. Turkcell for Turkcell Music
  5. Zya for Ditty by Zya
  6. SoundCloud for SoundCloud App

Best Mobile Game

  1. Moppin & Devolver Digital for Downwell
  2. Digital Legends Entertainment for Afterpulse
  3. Noel Llopis and Ron Carmel for Subterfuge
  4. Joel McDonald for Prune
  5. Super Evil Megacorp for Vainglory

For a detailed list of categories and nominees, click here. Let us know what you think!

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