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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book Screen Flickering Issues; Quick Fix

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book Screen Flickering Issues; Quick Fix
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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book Screen Flickering Issues; Quick Fix

One of the many problems with Windows 10 these days is its flawed updates. Every firmware update it releases comes with an issue. Microsoft recently released a Windows 10 mobile build and Lumia 550 stopped charging or connecting via USB. Then the company released a new, improved build. After releasing a few firmware updates for Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, the company was able to fix sleep issues. Now another issue has popped its ugly head.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book driver update has caused graphic issues like screen flickering. This issue isn’t new to Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 users. Many Windows 10 Microsoft Surface owners have been facing this problem alongside sleep issues. The fixes have not been officially released by the company but another website has given some tips that can help you with this.

“Manual install of the latest update using a .MSI file.,” suggests Design&Trend. The site believes that once you are done with the manual installation, the problem should be resolved. If this doesn’t work, try “download the latest beta graphics drivers from Intel. This involves going to Intel’s driver page, finding the right files and installing them manually using the Windows Device Manager’s driver update tool,” wrote the site further.

If your Microsoft Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book is already running smoothly after downloading the recent driver update, do not try any of the above solutions. Also, if you have never tried to fix your devices before, it is not wise to try the above fixes and then get stuck in the middle. Microsoft will certainly release another update which may fix screen flickering issues just like the sleep issues were fixed. There is no guarantee that the next update will come out soon or even if it releases soon, the graphic issues will be resolved.

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