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Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date and Latest Rumors: Fans May Be Waiting In Vain

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date and Latest Rumors: Fans May Be Waiting In Vain
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Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date and Latest Rumors: Fans May Be Waiting In Vain

Microsoft is still struggling to make itself relevant in the market with most popular app releases only being made for the Android and iOS. The software company is looking to change all that with the release of the Microsoft Surface Phone.

That is if the Redmond-based company makes good on its promise and releases the much awaited Windows Phone model. That seems to be far from being fulfilled with model is not expected to be unveiled until later next year.

According to Phone Arena, the Microsoft Surface Phone could be revealed as early as fall 2017. The worst case scenario could be an unveiling early in 2018.

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If you’re a diehard Windows Phone or a Nokia fan after Microsoft bought out the Finnish company you might be wondering why the software giant hasn’t been capable of releasing the highly anticipated smart phone.

The Elusive Microsoft Surface Phone

It all began with the McLaren project which was cancelled by Microsoft because of issues regarding the phone’s components. Instead of pushing through with the release, they partnered with HTC to release a high-end device powered by WP 8.1.

Interestingly, the same thing happened this year which was supposed to be the year the Surface Phone was revealed. This was when Intel chose to bug out from the mobile phone market. The move left Microsoft without the Intel x86 CPU to push through with the project.

This prompted Microsoft to drop the development of the Surface Phone. Partnering up with HP, they instead released the Elite x3 the most advanced Windows Phone handset today.

With most third-party apps prioritizing Android and iOS releases, Microsoft must make huge strides to get noticed by developers. Apps are one of the criteria in which buyers choose which phones to buy. The the lack of apps makes the Windows Phone less appealing to most consumers and the market as a whole.

The next cut-off date for the Microsoft Surface Phone is late 2017 which would make it the third deadline for the flagship model. If Microsoft fails to deliver on the highly-anticipated model, Bill Gates and company might want to reconsider if the mobile phone market is really worth it.

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