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Will Microsoft Come Out With A Surface Phone Too?

Will Microsoft Come Out With A Surface Phone Too?
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Will Microsoft Come Out With A Surface Phone Too?

Love Surface Book and Pro? Reports of a Surface Phone has started surfacing the tech world.

Microsoft may be successful in a lot of things, but it seems the mobile phone business is its Achilles heel. Now, rumors are surfacing that the Redmond based tech giant will make one last ditch effort to redeem its name in the smart phone game. And the plan is reportedly to launch a Surface phone.

The Surface phone, should Microsoft release one, will expectedly take inspiration from the company’s Surface Book, which was launched just last October along with other devices such as the new Lumia and Microsoft Band.

The Surface Book is said to be a laptop reimagined, being a device that combines the high performance of a laptop with the immediate responsiveness of a tablet. This device features a 13.5-inch optically bonded PixelSense high contrast 267 dpi Display. And the best part is, this screen actually detaches from the rest of device so you can easily walk around with it, present with it and do just about anything with the Surface Book that you would normally do with a tablet.

Meanwhile, another device that the rumored Surface phone might take inspiration from is the Surface Pro 4, described as “the thinnest, lightest and most powerful tablet that can replace your laptop.” It uses 6th Generation Intel® Core™ m, Core™ i5, and Core™ i7 processors along with a redesigned mechanical keyboard for easier typing and an optional fingerprint reader for added security.

It remains to be seen whether rumors of a Surface phone emerging are really just mere rumors. However, a report from Windows Central reveals that a prototype for what seems to be the upcoming Surface phone was spotted while publication Wired was chatting with Microsoft devices engineering head Panos Panay inside Microsoft’s Building 87.

According to a report by Forbes, there is a possibility that Microsoft will reveal the rumored Surface Phone during the Windows 10 devices event happening in October.

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