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Microsoft Surface Hub Collaboration Tool To Be Shipped January 2016

Microsoft Surface Hub Collaboration Tool To Be Shipped January 2016
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Microsoft Surface Hub Collaboration Tool To Be Shipped January 2016

Microsoft’s Surface Hub collaboration tool will not be shipped next month. And as told by the company, it will not be shipped until January 2016.

The Surface Hub that was announced during the Windows 10 event in January 2015 got delayed due to high demand. Microsoft announced that it would be reworking on the hub collaboration tool’s manufacturing process to meet people’s expectations.

What is the Surface Hub collaboration tool?

What we call a tool is a tablet as large as your TV designed for teleconferences. Microsoft’s intention behind the launch of this product was to make it easier for the corporate world to hold meetings, create data digitally and then share it with the required members.

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There are two varieties of tool that will be launched in the market:

– 84-inch unit with a 4K display and NVIDIA Quadro K2200 graphics for $20,000

– 55-inch HD screen unit and an Intel HD GPU for $7,000

Being a product of Microsoft, there were lots of pre-orders from companies that could not wait to benefit from this new product. Microsoft informed them on Wednesday that the tool can now be expected only next year.

Even after the delays, pre-orders are said to be continued for this pre-assembled, digital-ink-enabled collaboration tool. The corporate world is always on the lookout for software, systems and products that help them speed up their work while adding up to convenience. And when a company like Microsoft announces something like this, it will without a doubt have huge demand which will pressure the company to do its best.

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