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Microsoft Surface Book 2, Pro 5, Surface Phone Coming Together In October?

Microsoft Surface Book 2, Pro 5, Surface Phone Coming Together In October?
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Microsoft Surface Book 2, Pro 5, Surface Phone Coming Together In October?

After the launch of Windows 10 devices, Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, Microsoft has been mum about the next version of these devices.

The company has been really busy working on the freeze and sleep issues of Microsoft Surface Book and Pro 4, as well as updating Windows 8 phones to Windows 10. But when 2016 began, rumors of Surface Book 2, Surface Pro 5 and Surface Phone started surfacing.

There has been no official announcement about the upcoming devices yet, but rumors suggest that Microsoft will have an event in October where the Surface Phone will be released, and the Surface Book 2 and the Surface Pro 5 will be announced.

These days, companies do not announce anything prior to the event. Even after the launch of products, brands speak up only if users complain of major issues with the phone or phablets. So we will get the confirmation whether Surface Book 2 and other Microsoft Surface products will be released or not.

That is not all. Microsoft may also launch other Lumia phones along with the above-mentioned Windows 10 devices. Another Lumia phones, Lumia 750 and Lumia 850 are expected to be launched at the event.

According to a report published by the News Independent, “The Lumia 750 and Lumia 850 too, like the Lumia 650 will be branded business phones, the Surface Phone is expected to be the apex business phone, and Microsoft is likely moving the Blackberry route now tapping into the niche of business users. The Surface Phone is likely to come out bundled with various productivity applications.”

It looks like Lumia phones aren’t dying after all those rumors, The phones may just be moved to the “budget” category. So you will be getting a business phone running on Windows 10 without burning a hole in your pocket. All we have to do now is, WAIT! Wait for October and see what Microsoft is exactly up to.

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