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Microsoft Surface Book 2: Price Cut, 4K Screen And Other Features/Specs To Expect

Microsoft Surface Book 2: Price Cut, 4K Screen And Other Features/Specs To Expect
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Microsoft Surface Book 2: Price Cut, 4K Screen And Other Features/Specs To Expect

Surface Book has been a topic of discussion along with Surface Pro 4 and Lumia 950/950 XL from the day the devices were launched. And now, everyone is looking forward to Microsoft Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro 5,as expectations are high from these upcoming tablet-slash-computers.

We believe that Microsoft Surface Book 2 will be better than the Surface Book, as the brand will definitely not repeat their mistakes to survive in the market. From this new Windows 10 computer, here are the changes we expect to see:

Cheaper than Surface Book: The only reason only a particular section of society could buy Surface Book was its price. As the computer was newly launched, it would have been wise for Microsoft‘s part to launch the devices with a lower price tag.

But the company tried to compete with MacBooks, and even after being the “Apple” among customers, they could not sell a huge number of Surface Books. This time, Microsoft Surface Book 2 may be sold comparatively cheap. According to Inquisitr’s report, $200 will be cut down on the Intel Core i7, 256 SSD version, and the Intel Core i5 version will be sold for $1299.

4K screen: 4K is happening, and it is the future of computers and smartphones. Even gaming companies are now focusing on 4K content. Microsoft Surface Book 2 will also adopt 4K. The screen size will not change but the resolution will be shifted from 3K to 4K. Right now, the display of the existing computer is outstanding. With 4K, it will get better.

Intel 7th gen processor: Microsoft Surface Book 2 may pack Intel 7th generation Kaby Lake processor to speed up the device and improve the performance.This processor may also improve the battery life of your computer.

Detachable screen and improved Surface Pen: Detaching the screen from the keyboard is quite a task with Surface Book. With Surface Book 2, the detaching will become easier and quicker. Even the Surface Pen support is set to improve further for better results even while writing slowly on your Microsoft Surface device.

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