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Microsoft Starts Getting Pre-Orders for its $500 Xbox One Titanfall Bundle

Microsoft Starts Getting Pre-Orders for its $500 Xbox One Titanfall Bundle


Microsoft Starts Getting Pre-Orders for its $500 Xbox One Titanfall Bundle

If you are an Xbox One enthusiast, March 11 should be a red day on your calendar. That is because Microsoft Corp has set the date as the release of the Titanfall, the new game that is expected to make waves in the company’s new gaming console.

But those who could not wait until next month are given the option to place pre-orders for the product as early as now. Microsoft now offers an exclusive $500 bundle on a pre-order basis for the Titanfall.

The bundle includes of course the Xbox One console, a Kinect sensor, a chat headset, a wireless controller, and a Titanfall game downloading card. As expected, the bundle would also come with a month’s worth of free access to Xbox Live Gold. Who would not be enticed by this offer? All in the bundle could be purchased for the price tag of just a single unit of the console.

Exciting launch of Titanfall

In a news release, Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s chief marketing and strategy officer said the company wanted to do something special for the launch of the Titanfall. Thus, this bundle is being offered to the gaming enthusiasts. It is expected to further set on fire the anticipation and excitement for the release of the well publicized console game.

Mr. Mehdi assured that diehard gamers should get the bundle so they could ‘own a piece of gaming history.’ He recommends a supplement of the console with the Titanfall wireless controller in limited edition.

He added that the launch of the game gives the company the opportunity to deliver the first-ever next-generation multiplayer game through its console. It would take advantage of new parties and chat improvements. It would also deliver power of the cloud in such a way that only Microsoft would be able to do.

How it is played 

The so-called first-person shooting game was launched at E3 last year. The unveiling was done by a group of Activision executives, who eventually formed Respawn after they were fired from the gaming giant.

Game players would dropped into a planet amid a looming war between Militia and the Interstellar Manufacturing Corp. There, they can seamlessly move around between gameplay as either a titan or a pilot. That is how the Titanfall is played.

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