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Microsoft Spends $2.5 Billion to Purchase Minecraft Maker Mojang

Microsoft Spends $2.5 Billion to Purchase Minecraft Maker Mojang


Microsoft Spends $2.5 Billion to Purchase Minecraft Maker Mojang

Microsoft Spends $2.5 Billion to Purchase Minecraft Maker MojangIt is official. Mojang, the creator of Minebox, a popular sandbox building game, has just been acquired by Microsoft Corp for $2.5 billion. The Swedish game development firm has formally announced this transaction. Consequently, it would lead to the departure from the business of its founders Markus Persson. Jakob Porser, and Carl Manneh.

This ends speculations following persistent reports in the past week that Mojang and Microsoft were in somehow ‘serious discussions.’ Back then, some sources claimed that a possible agreement could lead to a multibillion dollar transaction. And it actually did.

In a statement posted by the developers on Mojang’s online site, they asked Minecraft players to keep on supporting and playing the game amid the turnover. The group also reiterated the importance  they render to game players and all parties involved in the transaction.

Surprising development 

To many observers, the confirmed acquisition came as a surprise especially because Mojang had always resisted external investment in the past. It had also derided Microsoft previously. However, Mojang has obviously grown to monumental significance since its establishment.

This, according to reports made the business too much for its original owners to handle. Persson, on his personal statement about the transaction, reiterated that he never intended Minecraft to be this big. He also revealed that he has never been ready to take the responsibility and pressure to own a company with a global significance. Hence, he opted to exit by selling Mojang.

Assurance about Mojang

Moreover, along with this announcement, Mojang assured that Minecraft would continue its evolution. However, there is still no specific future plan set. The business also said that despite the departure of its original founders, many of its current employees are expected to remain with the company after the takeover of Microsoft.

According to Microsoft, those employees would eventually join Microsoft Studios, the unit that produces Forza, Halo, and Fable franchises. It also emphasized that its heavy investments in mobile and cloud technologies would definitely be an advantage when it absorbs and operates Mojang in the near future. Mojang would continuously be available on PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation, and Xbox.  

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