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Microsoft Sanitizes Its Windows Store

Microsoft Sanitizes Its Windows Store


Microsoft Sanitizes Its Windows Store

Microsoft Sanitizes Its Windows StoreMicrosoft has recently announced the removal of over 1,500 apps from its Windows Store. The move is part of the company’s new effort to effectively crack down and curtail shady and misleading apps.

This is clearly in recognition of numerous complaints from users about how difficult it is to find apps that they are searching for. Typically, with numerous apps available on the app store, a user has to sort through several lists of apps that mostly have misleading and confusing titles.

The company has long realized that it has become a setback for its Windows Store. This is not unique to the app store, though. It should be noted that the same problem exists in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Google Play.

New policy

Now, to address the issue, Microsoft has decided to modify the certification policy of its Windows Store. It now has new requirements for naming, categorizing, and representing apps. The company wants to make sure that apps are actually functioning as their names indicate to avoid confusion among users.

Based on the updated policy, the name of any app must accurately and clearly reflect its indicated functionality. All the apps appearing in the Windows Store must be categorized based on actual functionality as well as purpose. Icons should be unique to prevent users from choosing copycats instead of the real apps.

Logically, the revised policy on apps is now applied to each new app submissions. It also applies to the existing app updates particularly for Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. The company is also conducting a review of all the apps available in its Windows Store so it could identify those apps that still do not comply with its new policy.

Cooperation from app developers

To date, Microsoft disclosed that most of the app developers have already agreed to perform necessary changes to their apps, especially those that are obviously violating the new policy. However, there are still some app developers that are less receptive. Thus, there are more than 1,500 of those apps that have been deleted from Windows Store so far.

Meanwhile, Microsoft said it would issue refund to users who have bought and downloaded apps that were recently pulled out from its app store. It has also committed to allocate more resources to further resolve this problem more quickly.

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