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Microsoft Releases Revamped Bing App For iPhones

Microsoft Releases Revamped Bing App For iPhones
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Microsoft Releases Revamped Bing App For iPhones

Bing for iPhone has been updated by Microsoft. Is it better than Google for iPhones? Read on to know more about the app.

Microsoft is currently in a mood to enhance mobile and desktop devices. After the launch of  “Windows 10,” the company has started working on almost all of the products and services it has to offer.

Needless to say, the latest operating system is the reason behind it. Now, as Microsoft is planning to launch Windows 10 for mobile, news of mobile redesigned apps are going to be very common.

The new Bing for iPhone has improved and it looks like it is better than Google. When you search for something, the app doesn’t just deliver links or text. Tom Warren, who posted a review of this latest app on The Verge, said, “The new Bing for iPhone app does a good job of providing useful results that aren’t just a list of text or Wikipedia links. For films, Bing lists their Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB ratings, and even iOS apps like Netflix or iTunes where you can buy or rent titles.” He also added, “It’s even clever enough to remove options for Spotify for artists like Taylor Swift that keep their latest albums off of most streaming services.” This is just part of it. There are plenty of other things introduced by Microsoft on the new Bing app for iPhones.

When you do a manual search, Bing will show Google Now-like cards (wherever possible). The app will allow users to see the search history and cache bookmarks. This updated app will launch actual apps like NetFlix, YouTube and Twitter when you click on the icons. That is what Google for iOS doesn’t do. Microsoft has made this app turn your smartphone into a scanner. All you need to do is point your camera at a barcode or QR code and it will bring up Bing results related to the product you just scanned. To make Bing better for iPhones, Microsoft is also working on Cortana.

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