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Microsoft-Rackspace Partnership To Provide Better Cloud Service; Is Amazon Next?

Microsoft-Rackspace Partnership To Provide Better Cloud Service; Is Amazon Next?
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Microsoft-Rackspace Partnership To Provide Better Cloud Service; Is Amazon Next?

Microsoft and Rackspace are going to team up to provide a better experience to users with Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service. The Microsoft-Rackspace partnership will provide assistance to the companies using Azure. They will be presenting a guide to make them get the best out of data storage, processing, database and other services.

Microsoft needs no introduction to be precise. Rackspace Hosting Inc is a data center service company known for its top-tier technology support. The company is also known for its customer support. The reputation of the company can give Microsoft a significant boost while competing with Amazon as far as the latter’s web service is concerned.

There are several businesses shifting from on-premise computing to cloud storage. The pact between the two biggies will solve the problems they encounter during the process of such shift. In many cases, companies hold back from shifting to cloud storage solution because of various issues. With the guidance offered, the companies can expect a bigger market for themselves.

“This is a way for them to enlarge the market for Azure customers,” said Rackspace CEO Taylor Rhodes.

According to a CRN report, Rackspace is also preparing for an alliance with Amazon. As per the report, “A channel partner of both AWS and Rackspace told CRN the San Antonio-based IaaS and co-location provider approached his company with an offer to participate in a beta program in which Rackspace would manage and provide support for his customers hosting workloads in Amazon’s cloud.”

The representative also said, “They are going to wrap their managed ‘Fanatical Support around AWS and essentially become an Amazon reseller.”

However, no info has been received from John Engates, Rackspace’s CTO. He only said he is focused on the launch of the Microsoft-Rackspace alliance.

Rackspace has been supporting Microsoft platform customers for a dozen years. The recent addition to the list is Office 365, Microsoft’s office productivity SaaS suite.

Rhodes said, “We’ve got a long legacy of working together for our customers,” adding, “We have found with our customers that we can do it more cost-effectively for them than they can do it themselves.”

We can soon expect more news as Rackspace is interested in the “opportunity to introduce Fanatical Support on other industry-leading cloud platforms in the future.”

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