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Microsoft Puts Surface Pro 3 on Sale in the US and Canada

Microsoft Puts Surface Pro 3 on Sale in the US and Canada


Microsoft Puts Surface Pro 3 on Sale in the US and Canada

Microsoft Puts Surface Pro 3 on Sale in the US and CanadaAre you ready for ‘the tablet that can replace your laptop?’ You should be, especially if you are in the US and Canada. That is because Microsoft Corp has put on sale its Surface Pro 3 in the two countries.

The foot-long Surface Pro 3 now becomes available at the company’s stores, its online shop, and various technology retailers like Staples, Best Buy, and Tiger Direct. Price tags start at $799.

At the same time, the giant technology firm said i7 and Intel Core i3 versions of the machine would soon go on sale. It said those would be available again in the US and Canada on August 1. A corresponding docking station for the laptop-and-tablet will be available to consumers beginning August 15. But pre-orders for it are now being taken.

Surface Pro 3

The Surface Pro 3 was introduced to the market by Microsoft in May. The device has a 2,160 X 1,440 display. It provides what the company describes as the highest possible contrast ratios available today in the industry. If you are wondering what that is for, well, it may mean that users’ eyes would not get too tired while working using the machine.

In various technology reviews, the Surface Pro 3 has unsurprisingly earned raves and high scores. Most of the reviewers have praised it for its very clear screen, adjustable kickstand, 10-finger multi-touch support, and a pressure-sensitive stylus.

On the downside, the machine may be heavy and bulky compared to a typical tablet. The integrated pen storage may be flimsy. There is also just a single USB 3.0 port, which surprisingly is not compatible with recent generation Surface Pro accessories.

Replacement to tablet

Microsoft hopes that the Surface Pro 3 could be seen by consumers as a replacement to popular tablets. Based on statistics, up to 96% of iPad users also tend to continue using their laptops.

Logically, tablets are used just for using apps, surfing the Internet, and watching videos or movies. The laptops, on the other hand, are still the more reliable machine for getting the important and necessary stuff done. With the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft is obviously hoping that it could change that.

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