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Microsoft Power Business Intelligence (BI) Comes Out Of Preview On July 24

Microsoft Power Business Intelligence (BI) Comes Out Of Preview On July 24
Picture from Microsoft Power BI Desktop / Microsoft Website


Microsoft Power Business Intelligence (BI) Comes Out Of Preview On July 24

Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Products Group Corporate Vice President James Phillips was proud to make an important announcement recently. On Microsoft’s blog, he posted, “Following just over six months of public preview and a continuous flow of user-driven enhancements from our rapidly growing community, I’m excited to announce the new Power BI (Business Intelligence) will be generally available on July 24.”

Microsoft’s Power Business Intelligence is a cloud-based service that works with companies in providing various visual representations that allow businesses to view their data in a richer way. With these enhanced visuals, company executives and other employees will be able to have a better illustrated view of critical data they need in order to make an informed decision. Being able to study these with rich visuals allows for a clearer and more intuitive approach in discussion and ultimately, in decision making.

Moreover, the Power BI readily transforms data into visuals almost immediately so no one in the team would have to work on getting data ready for analysis any longer. As the Microsoft Power BI team would say, “Insights are hiding in your company’s data – see the impact of bringing them into focus with Power BI.”

Indeed, with the help of Power BI, your business data can readily transform into business intelligence.

Microsoft’s Power BI touches on just about all critical aspects of your business. When it comes to marketing, Power BI can readily help monitor analyze marketing campaigns, ensuring cost efficiency. It can also help businesses analyze the effectiveness of a marketing campaign while also helping you target the right market for your business.

Meanwhile, when it comes to sales, the Power BI is also equipped to help business do accurate sales forecasts as well sales metrics management. As for customer service, the Power BI can help business track and analyze brand loyalty as well as customer engagement.

And as for the decision maker, Microsoft’s Power BI can see to it that all data that needs to be seen is one place. There will no longer be a need to separately open Excel spreadsheets, analytics and CRM systems. Instead, everything can be found in place with dashboards that can be personalized.

Microsoft Power BI has worked on helping businesses to organize data so that they can be found place. As part of this goal, it connects companies to various business support services such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, MailChimp, appFigures, Github, Zendesk, Twilio, UserVoice, SendGrid, OData, Oracle, SharePoint, Active Directory and many more.

In addition, Phillips also made a number of other “big announcements.” Firstly, the Power BI business analytics service (also known as the Power BI 2.0) is said to be exiting preview status to become a “generally available service” by July 24. Meanwhile, the Power BI Office 365 service (or Power BI 1.0) will continue to operation during the transition period.

Meanwhile, what is known as the Power BI Designer will now be referred to as the Power BI Desktop. This shall also exit preview and be made “generally available” by July 24. Furthermore, there are more options available in terms of Power BI visuals via GitHub.

Lastly, Microsoft’s Data Platform Corporate Vice President T. K. “Ranga” Rengarajan has also announced that the Spark for Azure HDInsight is available for public preview.

As Rengarajan explained, “Spark is one of the most popular big data projects known for its ability to handle large-scale data applications in memory, making queries up to 100 times faster. Spark lets users do various tasks like batch and interactive queries, real-time streaming, machine learning, and graph processing – all with the same common execution model. With Spark for Azure HDInsight, we offer customers more value with an enterprise ready Spark solution that’s fully managed and has a choice of compelling and interactive experiences.”

Microsoft’s Power BI Desktop is a free tool and can be readily downloaded from Meanwhile, the Power BI team has listed down all the updates that will be done prior to July 24. The full list is available here. At the same time, watch how the Power BI works below:

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