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Microsoft Planning to Unveil Windows-Android Dual Sets

Microsoft Planning to Unveil Windows-Android Dual Sets


Microsoft Planning to Unveil Windows-Android Dual Sets

Recently, there has been tremendous demand for dual booting feature of PC to be introduced in phones that will have the capability of both Windows Phone as well as Android devices. According to the news, first Windows-Android dual phone is coming up late this year.

According to the report from The Times of India, the Karbonn mobiles have signed a contract with Microsoft that it would manufacture a phone that will have the dual features of Windows phone and Android devices. Microsoft has eased the platform for other devices, and is opening up its platform for others also. Karbonn Chairman, Sudhir Hasija said that his company will launch a range of Windows Phones in next three months.

The new dual OS-featured mobile sets will be aimed at ‘tech-savy consumers’ and ‘professionals’. Bloomberg reported last year that Terry Myerson, head of the Microsoft’s operating system unit, asked HTC to load Windows Phone as second option on the devices that support Android. Microsoft has asked the HTC to provide incentives in terms of reduced license fee for having this wonderful feature. The reports show that Microsoft is taking keen interest in this deal of making dual-operated phones.

Many people would argue about the applications of having dual functionality of software in a phone. In terms of PC, we can understand that many applications and scenarios arise when people would require dual operating systems. However, phones are after all miniature devices with limited capabilities.

Microsoft is trying to enhance its horizon of applications from a limited range to slightly more. You could easily text, call, email, browse, and snap photos, from a single operating system. It is hard to understand the inclusion of dual operating systems functionality in phones for some more advantages.

We might see 2014 as the year of phones having dual-operating systems. Microsoft is currently finalizing its version 8.1 with dual SIM support, and the option of having buttons on the screen. This update will allow the manufacturers to make phones with just 4GB storage.

This change is desired to increase the volume of Windows Phone handsets. Microsoft is expected to unveil a developer preview version of Windows Phone 8.1 in early April at the company’s build conference.

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