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Microsoft Office for iPad Coming Soon

Microsoft Office for iPad Coming Soon


Microsoft Office for iPad Coming Soon

Microsoft has been planning for quite some time to bring its Office productivity suite to iPad. According to the latest report from ZDNet, it is coming very soon, sooner than most people think about it. The reliable sources have indicated to Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet that office for iPad may even arrive before the launch of “touch first” Windows version that had been regarded as the pioneers in this regard.

Some sources indicate the Office for iPad will be launched as soon as it is ready. That definitely means it would be released before Windows 8. The rumors are revolving around about the release of Office for iPad in early half of 2014.

It was pointed out by Foley that it is not yet clear about the form in which the Office will arrive for iPad. However, it will involve the Microsoft Office’s 365 subscription service. It could then be potentially integrated with the company’s OneDrive Cloud storage. The company currently offers an iPhone app that provides limited editing and viewing capabilities with the available free of cost, but needing an Office 365 subscription.

Office for iPad that has recently been codenamed as “Miramar” is arriving soon. It may surpass the Microsoft’s Gemini version of the Office. Gemini is Metro style /Windows Store version of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

Number of people is trying to parse statements about Executive Vice President of Marketing of Microsoft, Tami Reller, who has views that Microsoft’s approach towards balancing its cross-platforms and Windows as thoughtful. It is obvious that Microsoft is dragging its feet now towards the iPad platform.

It is very hard to understand that why people are going so crazy about Office not available on iPad. There are plenty of platforms still that don’t support Microsoft Office. It seems very difficult to build a version of Office that has all the functionality that is available on Desktop or Laptop PCs. However, it is pretty much possible to build an application that is optimized for the tablets. It wouldn’t be wise to compress all the features in tablet version that would lose the real essence of the Office. The people will then complain of the complexity of the Office. Hence, it is desired to launch the minimalistic version that serves the essential requirements for users in a suitable way.

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