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Microsoft Offers $100 Off on Xbox One for Customers to Trade In Old Consoles

Microsoft Offers $100 Off on Xbox One for Customers to Trade In Old Consoles


Microsoft Offers $100 Off on Xbox One for Customers to Trade In Old Consoles

Anyone who is planning to soon buy Xbox One can rave about this news. Microsoft Corp is now offering a $100 in-store credit to any buyer of Xbox One who could trade in an old gaming console. The trade-in also covers gaming consoles from rivals like Sony Corp’s PlayStation 3.

This limited promo was rolled out in January 30. It is set to last only until March 2. To avail or take advantage of the program, surrender your Xbox 360 S, Xbox 360 E, and PS3 to authorized dealers. The Microsoft bucks could only be used when acquiring Xbox One.

A few clarifications

There is a slight clarification from Microsoft. This limited offer would only be available in selected retail stores across the US and in Canada. The company reiterated that the popular program could last while supplies dwindle.

It is not possible to trade online. To date, there are just 31 states and three Canadian territories, plus Puerto Rico that are participating in the sales offers. To locate those bank branches across those 1 states it would be ideal to immediately check the list from Websites.

If there is no participating store in your state or community, it would be advisable to go or drive to the nearest one in another city or state. Just make sure that the $100 cost savings would be more than enough to cover gasoline or transportation expense.

Eligibility and other issues

Customers are also advised against trading in damaged consoles. Eligibility would be assessed by inspecting and testing the old game console to be replaced. Basically, the machine to be traded in should be fully functional for it to actually work. There should also be no missing component or part.

As such, Microsoft reiterated that it would also refrain from accepting devices that are presently password protected. The customer who is trading in should also make sure the smartphone to be traded should also include accessories and chargers.

Microsoft first unveiled its Xbox One in May last year. The device has Kinect sensor and revamped controller. Xbox One was actually released into the market in November, a week after PlayStation 3 was also launched by Sony. The console has a price tag of just $499. Comparatively, PS3 costs just $399 in the market. Just 39 days after its release, Xbox One has already sold 3 million machines across 13 nations.

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