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Microsoft May Want Users to Forget about Windows 8

Microsoft May Want Users to Forget about Windows 8


Microsoft May Want Users to Forget about Windows 8

Microsoft May Want Users to Forget about Windows 8Some observers are fueling speculations that Microsoft Corp may eventually want itself and its users to forget Windows 8. According to sources, the company has realized that the operating system is underperforming, in terms of reception from users.

This speculation comes at a time when the giant software company has installed its new CEO, Satya Nadella. It did not help that based on the latest industry figures, Microsoft’s overall share of computing devices has gone down to 14%, which is obviously a far cry compared to its near monopoly in late 2010.

Some observers have also noted that in the recent speeches delivered by Nadella and in past announcements by the company, the mention of ‘Windows 8’ has been significantly reduced, if not totally eradicated. For instance, in the July 10 mission statement he delivered, Nadella referred to the OS as ‘Windows’ instead of ‘Windows 8.’ In the recent earnings call, he referenced to the OS as ‘Windows 8.1’ but as rarely as he could.

The next Vista

The practice of faking amnesia to forget that a product has ever existed is not new to Microsoft. If this speculation becomes a reality, it would not be the company’s first to put an OS into oblivion. This already happened when it tried to totally eradicate Vista from its memory.

It can be recalled that Vista was launched in 2007. But as soon as it was unveiled, it already incurred negative reviews. The OS never recovered. Thus, when its successor, the much more successful Windows 7, was launched in October 2009, some observers noticed that the company rarely mentions the word ‘Vista.’ Some even think that it is banned from all announcements and conferences of the company.

Hopes for Threshold

According to sources, the company is now fully preparing for the development and launch of the next OS that will succeed Windows 8.1. It will reportedly be called ‘Threshold.’ Of course, it would have features that are lacking in the current OS.

So much hope is pinned at Threshold that it is expected to outperform Windows 8 instantly. Some analysts even think that the company is hoping that it will be the new Windows 7 that will topple and displace the unwanted Windows 8, which in the past can be analogized to the cursed Vista. 

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