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Microsoft Lets Users Compare Android Apps With Windows 10 Lumia Apps

Microsoft Lets Users Compare Android Apps With Windows 10 Lumia Apps
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Microsoft Lets Users Compare Android Apps With Windows 10 Lumia Apps

Microsoft wants Android users to switch to Windows 10 Lumia phones. Is AppComparison the right way of doing so? Read on to know.

After Apple’s “Move to iOS” app for Android users, it is Microsoft this time that’s trying the same strategy to convince users to switch to the new Lumia phones.

With an app that lets you compare apps available on an Android device and on Windows 10 Lumia phones, is Microsoft trying to tell users that their devices are better than ones running on Android?

By downloading AppComparison on your Android phone, you will be able to scan your device and see what apps are available on Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. How does this work? Suppose you are using Google Maps on your phone. AppComparison will tell you about similar apps available for Lumia phones such as Here Maps. Similarly, if you are using Google Drive, the app will tell you about OneDrive. Now that’s a smart way of convincing users to switch from Android to Lumia!

But sinceMove to iOS failed to impress Android users, the same situation seems to be happening to AppComparison. After all, Lumia still does not have as many apps as Android. As mentioned in the report published on The Inquirer, an Android user commented, “After seeing the comparisons and the other recommendations, I know I would not change even if I would love the devices and Windows 10. So few apps and bad replacements. Like that you win no one over. Stock up on good apps and we can talk about a change. Now? Forget it!”

Another user said that he is “certainly not going to give up Google Music/YouTube Red for Cloud Muzik.” This is something Microsoft should worry about. Is the app highlighting the weak points of Lumia phones, which is the low number of apps available?

Recent figures given out by Gartner shows that only 1.7 percent of Windows phones were sold in the 3rd quarter of 2015. If Microsoft is serious with its smartphone business, it has no other option than to improve sales. Will AppComparison help the company achieve its goal? Right now, it seems impossible.

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