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Microsoft Launches the Nokia X2 Android Smartphone

Microsoft Launches the Nokia X2 Android Smartphone


Microsoft Launches the Nokia X2 Android Smartphone

Microsoft Launches the Nokia X2 Android SmartphoneMicrosoft has just unveiled its first Nokia smartphone after buying out the latter company’s hardware and devices division last April and, weirdly enough, it’s still a Nokia-branded phone and an Android-based smartphone at that.

The Nokia X2, the second iteration of the Nokia X that was released earlier this year, features a forked version of Android that Nokia developed specifically for the Nokia X series. The Nokia X2 features the latest version of that software called the “Nokia X Software Platform 2.0”. The customized operating system features a customizable Lumia-esque tiled interface and a slew of Nokia and Microsoft apps and services. The company hopes this approach will lure Android users who purchase the Nokia X2 into buying a Windows Phone-based device as their next purchase.

The Nokia X2 (with the Nokia X Software Platform 2.0) keeps the Fastlane feature found on the original Nokia X. Fastlane is meant to make navigating through the device easier and faster by listing not only your activity history but also important information like upcoming events, tasks, and the like. As previously mentioned, Microsoft has pre-installed not only its line of services but also some from Nokia including Skype,, OneDrive, Bing, Xbox Games, One Note, MixRadio, and HERE Maps. Users can also download other apps from the selection of third-party Android app stores incorporated into the Nokia Store.

The outside of the Nokia X2 remains akin to the original Nokia X, with a similar array of bold colors but with a now larger and better screen at 4.3-inches with ClearBlack technology compared to the 4-inch screen on the original and instead of a solid plastic outer shell, the Nokia X2 features a translucent outer layer. The Nokia X2 has also added a Home capacitive touch button beside the used-to-be-alone Back button. The physical  buttons remain the same on the Nokia X2 with the volume rocker and power button found on the right-hand side of the phone’s shell.

On the inside, the Nokia X2 is powered by a faster 1.2Ghz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor compared to the 1GHz processor of the original Nokia X. It also features more RAM at 1GB and a larger battery at 1800mAh. The rest of the phone’s internals remain similar to the original including dual-SIM support. Lastly, the Nokia X2 also features a better 5-megapixel rear camera and is now equipped with a front-facing VGA  camera.

The Nokia X2 will begin showing up on store shelves and online retailers globally in the coming weeks at a price of €99 (without taxes and subsidies).

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