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Microsoft Introduces Surface Pro 4 Signature Style Type Cover; Lacks Fingerprint Scanner

Microsoft Introduces Surface Pro 4 Signature Style Type Cover; Lacks Fingerprint Scanner
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Microsoft Introduces Surface Pro 4 Signature Style Type Cover; Lacks Fingerprint Scanner

Microsoft is always coming up with new ideas and this time around, the Redmond-based giant introduced a “Signature” style version of its Surface Pro 4 Type Cover. Crafted out of mélange Alcantara fabric, the cover looks posh but lacks a fingerprint scanner.

The decision to use two-tone gray Alcantara fabric is an exclusive choice since the material is commonly used by headphone manufacturers, which is usually seen as tablet or laptop covers. A video was recently published to the media, announcing the new Type Cover, tagged as a “luxury” keyboard. Thanks to its Italian textile that makes it very appealing.

Surface fans can buy the signature cover from Microsoft’s own stores for $159.99, which is a lot cheaper than Apple’s own “smart” iPad Pro keyboard. There are chances of the cover turning black over the time, but the application of two-tone grey style will help in darkening of the fabric retaining a rich look, as reported by The Verge.

In a description narrated by Microsoft, the company explains the attributes of Alcantra material that ages beautifully, growing darker and richer with the passage of time. The texture is super soft and feels great to the touch. This allows smooth transfer of your fingers in between the keys for a faster typing. Meanwhile, the Type Cover provides spaced keys along with a larger glass trackpad, reports Thurrott.

The company wrote on the Type Cover’s promo page, “The Signature Type Cover is crafted in a stunning, two-tone gray mélange style of Alcantara – a unique, proprietary material, sourced only in Italy, with aesthetic, sensory, and technical qualities like nothing you’ve ever experienced.”

While Microsoft is currently selling the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover in a variety of colors for $129.99, it is also selling the material with Windows Hello-compatible fingerprint reader. The latter will help users access the fingerprint option on the Type Cover. Also, the company’s use of the word “Signature” for the Type Cover explains that PC’s are now cleaner, faster and more protected.

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