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Microsoft To Introduce QR Codes To Blue Screen Of Death With Anniversary Update In Summer

Microsoft To Introduce QR Codes To Blue Screen Of Death With Anniversary Update In Summer
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Microsoft To Introduce QR Codes To Blue Screen Of Death With Anniversary Update In Summer

Microsoft has plans to introduce a simplified approach that will enable Windows 10 users to troubleshoot any system issue with QR codes to its Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). The new change is slated for a summer release with the Anniversary Update.

The introduction of the new visual has already been announced by a Reddit user through a picture, posted on the web that shows a new version of the blue screen with a QR code and a link to it. Apart from the new QR codes, Microsoft will bring another significant release in the upcoming Anniversary update.

How is the new visual to BSOD useful? It is often been complicated to understand the issues with BSOD. But to be able to address the issue with ease, we have to understand the root cause of the problem, Microsoft is implementing QR codes to the page to allow technicians to identify error codes in the blue screen and resolve it, according to The Verge.

The QR code, also, serves as an easy way for Windows 10 users to quickly scan the code from their smartphones to find any related articles for a solution. Earlier, the Redmond-based tech giant took efforts to find new ways of eliminating issues in Windows 8 and replace the same with a frowning face that could hardly solve the matter.

Unlike most of blue screen today that shows obscure codes, the QR code is more promising, descriptive and gives the right explanation to the cause of the problem. PCWorld notes that the QR code appears naturally when your computer crashes. However, it is not known what causes the QR codes to appear during a crash.

What is rather known is that the QR code will be found in the latest Insider preview of Windows 10 build. We will have to wait for the tech company to clear our queries as to how the new feature applies for general consumers.

With the introduction of QR codes, Microsoft has undoubtedly solved a major threat to systems with decipherable codes. Keep watching for our updates on this news to know whether the new QR code makeover to BSOD will bring greater assistance.

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