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Microsoft Gets Image Recognition With Translator App On Android

Microsoft Gets Image Recognition With Translator App On Android
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Microsoft Gets Image Recognition With Translator App On Android

Microsoft recently updated its Translator app for Android that will help to translate pictures instantly into text. The app is designed to recognize the text inside a photo and translate text from saved pictures and even translate text anywhere on your phone. There are 43 languages available for download and offline use included in the app.

The app is available across other operating systems, Microsoft’s iOS app since February and as the company’s own Windows phone app since 2010. Google’s Tranlator app works differently from Microsoft’s Translator app. The former is applicable only on live images taken with your camera that matches the appearance of translated text to the source font.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s Translator app will need the user take a picture and only then the translation of text is possible using a default font. While Google’s app is only available for translation on Android when offline, Microsoft’s app is available for both on iOS and Android.

Meanwhile, the Android app allows users to convert the images into 50+ languages in the app’s online library. The Android update also includes 34 additional languages that can be directly downloaded for offline translation, reports Engadget.

“With the new image translation feature you no longer need to type text or say foreign languages phrases out loud. Instead you can translate pictures instantly from your phone, with the translation appearing in an overaly above the existing text,” according to The Verge.

The new feature supports simplified Danish, Chinese, Finnish, Czech, German, French, Hungarian, Greek, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Russian, traditional Chinese, Norwegian, Polish, Italian, etc. According to Slashdot, if you see a sign, you can use the app to translate pictures instantly on your phone. The translation will appear in an overlay just above the exiting text. The app will help you translate saved images such as the Internet and social media, the Internet and emails.

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