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Microsoft Edge Background Download For Windows 10 Mobile Announced

Microsoft Edge Background Download For Windows 10 Mobile Announced
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Microsoft Edge Background Download For Windows 10 Mobile Announced

Microsoft plans to launch a new feature for Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 Mobile that will make background downloading possible. This will make updates easier and the mobile devices will be up to date.

Microsoft Edge, previously known as project Spartan, is the new browser that will be available as an app for Windows 10 Mobile. This browser will also allow the users to close the browser without worrying about downloads that are not yet completed.

Back in April the project Spartan team said that background downloading for mobile is not planned by Microsoft but they were open to feedback. It seemed as if the feedback givers were in favor of background downloads. Now, the Windows 10 mobiles are going to get that. The Microsoft Edge background download feature for Windows 10 mobile will allow large files to be downloaded without interruption.


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Microsoft’s Principal Program Manager Lead on the Microsoft Edge team, Charles Morris, answered on Twitter about the availability of the Edge browser. He asked his colleague Ade Bateman about the issue. Bateman tweeted, “We’re working on it but we’re not sure when it will be ready. Probably won’t be in the first release.”

The background downloading is on the cards but that will not be out with the initial release. This will mean that the users will require updating their browsers from the store whenever an update is available. However, this can be a problem for Microsoft as long as browser wars are concerned.

For Windows 10 Mobile, users would be able to see their download history. It can be assumed that this place will be expanded and will have lot to do with the background download update.

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